2017 Personal & Professional Goals

Like anyone else, the start of a new year is #goals.

A fresh start that motivates me to make plans for positive change and development in my life.

I’ve spent the last week and a half relaxing, eating without a care, and binge watching How To Get Away With Murder.

Now that the holidays are officially over, it’s time for action.


Personal Goals

  • Complete the German course on Duolingo
  • Update my website to be a ‘grown-up’ website
  • Upload blogs & marketing posts regularly
  • Listen to 1 podcast or TED talk per month (suggestions?)
  • Continue website optimisation
  • Establish a consistent brand across personal social media accounts
  • Finish 2 x 12 week programs (I did one last year & it felt amazing)
  • Beat my 1RMs for deadlift (110kg), squat (100kg), rack pulls (120kg) & push press (45kg)


Professional Goals

  • Write something everyday – anything
  • Blog monthly for work
  • Develop WordPress skills further
  • Improve design skills
  • Keep content schedule >2 weeks in advance
  • Get my marketing automation certification
  • Collect Trailhead badges
  • Get through my OneNote reading list (it’s been growing for a year)


Plans For This Site

Hopefully the work I’ve put into this site is a serious improvement on the amateur hour situation I had going on before.

Thanks for sticking with me through my ‘awkward teen phase’ – hopefully we’re in the clear.

INB4 you’re still using a free theme ~*yES*~ I know that, but give me a break. I graduated from WordPress.com to .org all by myself. I think that deserves a hi-5.

Anyway, moving forward, I’ve decided to use this platform as an outlet to share my industry knowledge for the greater good. So if you like marketing, or want to learn it, I suggest you subscribe below!

I’ve written a post that sums up the direction of the new site here.



My site got an upgrade; come here to learn marketing or read my rambles; add me on my socials.



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