About Me

My name is Beth Karikari.

I am the oldest of 4, a marketing grad, and a fitness enthusiast.

Instagram: bethkarikari

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and was lucky enough to grow up on the Northern Beaches.

I started a Bachelor of Business in 2010, majoring in Marketing at Griffith Uni, and graduated in 2012. After spending a year unsuccessfully job-searching, I went back to Griffith and did my Master of Marketing (graduated 2014).

After my second grad, I spent 6 months searching for work on-and-off until I finally landed my current job. And in spectacular fashion, I had gone from 18 months of no job offers, to 3 at once, which eventually landed me in my perfect position as an EA/Marketing Co-ordinator.

Outside of work, I love lifting weights, peanut butter and Nicki Minaj (no h8). I’m not a huge drinker, and I prefer to spend my Sundays watching movies and meal prepping.

I love rom-coms, but I am a die hard Batman fan (which is why I believe Ben Affleck should have never been cast).

Although I am technically an adult (I pay bills, work full-time and do my own laundry), I will never, NEVER be too old for the Simpsons. If I ever had a ride-or-die habit, the Simpson’s is it.

I am extremely family oriented, and if you read my blog, you’re going to hear a lot about my family.

A couple of last-ditch fun facts:

  • I am an Aries
  • I love good eyebrows
  • My favourite colour is blue
  • I wear a lot of black
  • My Instagram newsfeed is makeup, memes and chicks who lift
  • My favourite number is 2
  • My favourite animal is a turtle
  • My favourite episode of the Simpsons is “22 Short Stories About Springfield”
  • I am obsessive about a clean kitchen
  • I love to learn (I made this site from scratch, which you can probably tell)
  • I have a ridiculous sweet tooth and always create macro-friendly concoctions to satisfy it

So there you have it. A little somethin-somethin about me.

I’d love to hear more about you guys! Comment below so I can follow your blogs/social pages!

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