I Moved Out of Home!

I moved out of home! I finally did it.

At the age of 23, I moved out of mom’s house.

Granted, I live about a 4 minute drive from her, but I did it.

I know that 23 is probably quite a normal age to move out, but considering that I’m the oldest, I’m the first one in our family to actually make the leap.

To be honest, I think mom is thrilled. Especially considering about 3 months ago, the owners of our big, beloved house for the last 6 years decided to sell.

Mom made the premeditated decision to downgrade to a smaller place, politely forcing me out the door and to my new place with the motivation of no bedroom.

My roommate is a long-time friend who works in the Army, and until a couple months ago had been living away (can’t help but feel safe living with my own personal body guard!).

Our new place is perfect for us – a 3 bedroom townhouse in a complex with a pool, gym, spa, sauna, community room, and it’s only a 1 minute drive away from my beloved local shopping centre.

There’s not really much else to tell here.. Except follow my Snapchat if you’re interested in our shenanigans! Snapchat: bkarikari



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