Keto Half Marathon: 15 Weeks Out

Monday 01/05/17 – Sunday 07/05/17: 

Started out strong this week with a public holiday on the Monday! I used this time to catch up on housework, prep some food and go for a long motorbike cruise with a friend. It was an absolutely perfect day!

Completed scheduled runs, and by Wednesday I was really starting to feel the extra km’s in my legs and abs.

My diet has been strong so far – a couple of snacks that I could have done without, but for the most part, my meals were great, overall carbs stayed low (<30g) and water intake was good (2.5L /day).

My sleep started becoming really light and disturbed, so I need to put more focus on stretching and foam rolling before AND after each run, not just afterwards.

Also went for a massage this week. My ITB is ridiculously tight – need to work on that before it affects my progress.

The weekend was the longest run so far – 8km. My time was quicker than expected which was great, but I also needed a nap in the arvo because I was completely exhausted!

Onto the next!


Starting Stats:

Age: 25, f

Height: 161cm

Weight: TBD

Average min/km: 7:35


Diet Summary:

Breakfast: 2 whole eggs, cheese, bulletproof coffee

Morning Snack: coffee with cream, keto oreo, 5-10 raspberries

Lunch: spinach, ranch dressing, bacon

Afternoon Snack: sugar snap peas, a couple salted macadamias

Dinner: prawn carbonara (no-carb noodles, cream, bacon, 5 prawns)

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