Keto Half Marathon: 16 Weeks Out

Monday 24/04/17 – Sunday 30/04/17: 

This week was a bit of an interesting one. I had a trip planned to wine country for a 4 day weekend. I knew my diet wasn’t going to be on point while I was away, so I made sure I stuck to eating my prepped meals Monday – Thursday.

Since I don’t have a gym membership at the moment, I only managed to get in 1 run because of rainy weather. In total, I missed 2 runs: a 3km and a 5km. This was also the last week for short runs (under 5km), so that’s a bummer.

Not much else to report, except that my trip was amazing, and if you want to read about it/see pictures, you can visit my blog post.

Second week down! Onto the next!


Starting Stats:

Age: 25, f

Height: 161cm

Weight: ?

Average min/km: 7/43


Diet Summary:

As mentioned above, I was away on a trip for a long weekend, so obviously my diet wasn’t great during those days (think cheese, chocolate & wine lol). But for the first 4 days of the week, I ate my prepped meals as follows:

Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee

Morning Snack: Double espresso & 1 Keto Oreo

Lunch: Roast chicken, asparagus & halloumi

Afternoon Snack: Salad (spinach, bacon and ranch dressing)

Dinner: Scrambled eggs & green beans

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