Keto Half Marathon: Blog Series

This year, I have decided to step up the challenge, and train for a half marathon. I never thought in a million years I would voluntarily do something like this, but I’m actually really excited by the idea of finishing 21km!

Last year, I downloaded the *free* My Asics app, filled in my profile, and began training for a 10k. When I started, I could barely run 1km straight, but after consistently completing my scheduled runs, I actually completed the 10k 10 minutes faster that my prediction!

The other challenge I’m giving myself is to continue my Ketogenic Diet (high fats, moderate protein, low carbs) throughout my training. I personally follow the Keto Diet to prevent migraines (& I love fats). My metabolism is used to running on fats now, my energy is consistent on Keto, and I feel good during training, so I’m continuing Keto as a little experiment for myself.

The “20 Week Prep” refers to a 17 week countdown from beginning to Race Day, and 3 weeks recovery post-race.

** Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and have no formal training in nutrition, biology or exercise science. Everything I write on my website is anecdotal and drawn from my personal experiences. All replies and information I provide are my own personal opinions and/or based off my own results.


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