Results from the 60 Day Challenge

In May ’17 I signed up for a 60 day challenge to give myself a much needed kick in the ass to get back into a routine of focusing on my health & fitness. The past few months had been a counter productive back & fourth between doing absolutely no exercise & barely eating, and doing loads of exercise but restricting what I ate to a point where I was going crazy.

The challenge started in June, & we were given a meal, supplementation & exercise plan. I got a body composition scan the weekend before the challenge started to give me a baseline on progress.

The first week, I prepped all my food as per the plan & followed the exercise & supplement guides, but I quickly became exhausted and felt trapped living ‘by the book’.

The next few weeks I basically just ate & trained intuitively. I set myself a few goals:

  • Start wearing my fitness tracker watch & reach 10,000 steps every day
  • Drink 2-3L of water every day
  • Drink more tea (peppermint & lemon are the only teas I’ll drink)
  • Only eat when I’m hungry, rather than when a plan tells me to

This worked pretty well for me – I ended up averaging about 0.5kg – 1kg weight loss per week, but I didn’t feel any different.

At the start of July (week 5) I started tracking all my food – entering every little thing that I ate into My Fitness Pal, just to get a sense of what I was actually eating. I think naturally when you start writing down everything you eat, you begin to snack less and make better food choices as you see the calories adding up throughout the day.

The whole of July I kept up with making better food choices, tracking in My Fitness Pal, reaching my 10k steps each day, and drinking my water/tea. I was so nervous to take my after photos as I didn’t feel different AT ALL, but I had to take them to submit them at the end of the competition.

My Results

Starting weight: 66kg

End weight: 61kg

Total lost: -5kg

What’s Next

I’m going on holidays in September, so I’ve decided to keep going with this routine, but I’m playing around with intermittent fasting. I’ll make another post explaining what IF is, why I decided to try it & my results after a month on it.

Until next time.

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